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8 debunked acne myths

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Acne is a common skin disease affecting teenagers and older men and women from all over the world. However, even if it’s such a common problem (80% of people are struggling with this condition), there are so many acne myths. In order to treat this persistent condition, firstly, you must know what causes it and which are your alternatives. Read this article and find out all about acne myths and how to properly take care of your skin and improve its aspect.

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Common myths about acne

There are numerous misconceptions surrounding acne. Here are some of the most common:

Myth 1: Exposing yourself to sun rays or getting a tan will clean up your face. All doctors recommend a little bit of sun exposure because it is a great source of vitamin D. However, that doesn’t mean it will also help with your acne. On the contrary, staying in the sun for too long will not only cause sunburn, but it will also irritate your skin. In this case, you will end up with bursting acne. Make sure you always wear a high SPF sunscreen because it creates a protective barrier between the UVA and UVB rays and your body. This way, you will offer your skin proper protection and prevent skin cancer.

Myth 2: Popping whiteheads, blackheads and pimples will make them disappear faster. You should ignore this acne myth because it will cause more harm than good. This common but unnecessary habit will lead to inflammation of your skin and even cause an infection. It will make your breakouts look even more visible than before.

Myth 3: If not treated, acne will simply disappear. This condition will not improve by itself and requires special treatment by a professional. If you choose to ignore it, it will worsen and spread. So if you are seeing any signs of acne, you should seek professional treatment from a skincare specialist or a dermatologist. Considering your needs and skin type, you will receive the guidance you need to get rid of acne. Also, you need to know that there is no miraculous treatment that cures acne overnight. Your struggle with acne might seem long-lasting and hard to handle. Still, with patience and by strictly following your skincare specialist’s recommendation and treatment plan, you will start to see improvements session after session. 

Myth 4: Only teenagers will get acne. This is another common myth about acne. People of all ages develop it all the time. Indeed, this skin condition is predominant in teens. 85% of young folks struggle with this condition; however, that doesn’t mean that you won’t get acne when you are in your 30s. 

Myth 5: Wash your face more often to get rid of acne. It is very important to wash your face but not more than two times a day. Ask your skin care specialist will recommend you the best products for your skin type. If you overwash your face, you might cause rashes and even make your acne worse. Also, some say dirt can be a huge factor in developing acne, but this is not the case. This affection is not caused by sticks on your skin. Acne develops when your pores are clogged by natural sebum, an oil produced by our skin. Even if this production is a regular thing, when over clogging happens, you will start developing acne.

Myth 6: The exfoliation will help you get rid of acne. Just like overwashing, if you exfoliate too often, that doesn’t mean your acne will disappear or can be taken off. If you choose to scrub of your face too many times, you can cause inflammation. 

Myth 6: Only people with oily skin will struggle with acne. This is false because this condition is common on any skin type. You can spot breakouts no matter your age, skin type or sex. Anyone can develop blackheads and whiteheads or pimples.

Myth 7: Wearing makeup can cause acne. This daily routine is not responsible for the development of the condition. If you don’t use products designed for your skin type, you can end up with irritation, rash, or allergy. However, we recommend you to use cosmetics that do not contain oil, and are non-comedogenic. On the other hand, if you forget to remove your makeup before bedtime, you might develop skin problems. Use a cleanser to strip off makeup and nourish your skin. 

Myth 8: Toothpaste will reduce pimples. Skincare specialists do not recommend using household items like toothpaste when you want to get rid of acne. Ingredients like fluorides that you can find in products used for oral hygiene can cause more breakouts. Instead, go see a specialist and opt for salicylic acid. 

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Treatments for acne

Depending on your skin type and other problems you encounter, there are numerous treatments that will help you get rid of acne. 

A skincare specialist will give you the best recommendations, including the treatment you should follow, what to avoid and what to include in your daily skincare routine.

The most common treatment for acne is retinol. You can use Retinol 0.3, a concentrated facial cream that perfectly works for all skin types, discolorations, acne, and even aging signs. The technology used for this product ensures a steady, even release. The product will also minimise irritation and is ideal for those who also want to improve fine lines and wrinkles and cellular turnover. The packaging is very simple yet specially designed to preserve potency. Retinol 0.3 is the perfect product for those who are using the topical treatment for the first time. After your skin gets used to the cream, your dermatologist or skincare specialist might recommend you choose a stronger product, Retinol 0.5. 

Besides the topical treatments, there are loads of other therapies that proved to be safe and effective against acne. 

Among them, you can find microdermabrasion and hydradermabrasion, bespoke facials and chemical peels, microneedling that can be combined with PRP, LED therapy, or other energy-based procedures, laser resurfacing, and other fractional systems.

Where to get the best acne treatment?

Skinglow Clinic is the best place to get the best treatment for acne. Our skincare specialists will explain how acne works, how to build an effective skincare routine at home and which treatment is best for you. Also, after you’re doing the therapies, our specialist will also recommend backing up the therapy with proper products. Follow their indications, and you’ll get rid of acne faster than you ever thought. 

If you want to know more about this condition, how to get help, or book an appointment, contact us. You can also pay us a visit in London, 216 Kensington Park Rd, Notting Hill.


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