The latest treatment for skin laxity! Boost and hydrate your skin while you remodel the aging and sagging tissue!

How does it work? 

With one of the highest and ultra-pure concentrations of HA on the market, obtained with the help of the latest patented technology, Profhilo has a dual treatment capacity.

It stimulates collagen and elastin production counteraction skin laxity, boosting and hydrating the skin with its revolutionary formula. One of the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid on the market. 

Secondly it triggers a tissue remodelling, improving the sagging tissue.  So its an active anti aging treatment due to its tightening and lifting effects.

Highly purified and extremely biocompatible due to the lack of chemical cross linking agents in it’s formula. This gives the product the advantages of being highly safe with reduced post procedure inflammation and low risk of any negative effects.

Two treatments, one month apart are usually the optimal recommendation for optimal results.

Hyaluronic acid treating skin laxity 30 min£300

For best results two sessions are recommended, 1 month apart.

All our injectable treatments are performed only by experienced, qualified medical doctors.