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Ageing skin

Skin ageing is an irreversible process best described by the appearance of wrinkles, loss of elasticity, laxity and an uneven and rough texture. While endogenous factors can be impossible to control like genetics, most external factors implicated in skin ageing can be tackled for e.g. smoking, poor nutrition, sun exposure and air pollution. It is not surprising that sun damage is the most important external factor and first localisation of wrinkles to the sun exposed areas hands, face (crow’s feet, laughter lines and forehead) and neck represent another strong argument for this.

What’s the best treatment? SkinGlow Clinic uses several techniques to reduce the appearance of ageing skin. These include:

Homecare routine Our knowledgeable team will guide you choose most suitable premium cosmeceuticals for your daily routine, that will prevent skin ageing and actively target wrinkled skin, sun damage, uneven and rough texture but also offer suitable sun protection advice.

Microdermabrasion or hydradermabrasion is a gentle, painless, non-invasive procedure which is highly successful in cleansing and hydrating your skin, exfoliating dead cells and providing a plumping, anti-ageing effect. The suction and movement of the device boosts lymphatic drainage and improves circulation in the skin.

Chemical peels are acid solutions that remove damaged layers of cells from the skin’s surface and stimulate skin regeneration, revealing glowing and youthful skin.

Microneedling pens are medically engineered skin needling devices that use disposable surgical grade micro-needles that vertically pierce the skin and create multiple micro-injuries. This will encourage and harness your own body’s innate ability to repair itself naturally and produce new collagen. This technology will create micro-channels and create a gateway for active mesotherapy ingredients to be delivered to the deeper layers of the skin as this technology significantly increases the absorption of topical products. This treatment can significantly improve wrinkles, dyspigmentation, skin texture and rosacea.

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical treatment capable of improving the majority of cosmetic issues by providing small quantities of active ingredients like vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid directly to the area where they are needed. In conventional mesotherapy these ingredients are administered via microinjections into the dermic layer of the skin where they act as slow release medication. The method will improve the appearance of wrinkles and tone and texture of the skin will become more youthful. The vitamins stimulate skin cells, especially fibroblasts to increase production of collagen and elastin, as well as to neutralise free radicals. Mesotherapy is able to improve circulation as well.

Radiofrequency Venus freeze is a cutting-edge technology. Using multi-polar radiofrequency and magnetic field pulsation, this painless procedure heats up the skin from the inside and boosts the body’s collagen and elastin production. It offers amazing rejuvenating effects with no downtime and limited discomfort.

LED A non-invasive light emitting diode technology used for facial and body areas to combat early signs of ageing, help calm the skin, diminishing hyperpigmentation and uneven tone and texture.

Anti-wrinkle injections represent an alternative to a surgical facelift and are specifically designed to help smooth out the early signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and fine lines for a more rejuvenated appearance. Frequent contraction of our facial muscles can induce expression lines and wrinkles. The injections use a highly purified protein to help your muscles relax and stop them from contracting, helping to smooth out lines and tighten your skin for an overall youthful appearance.

Dermal fillers use hyaluronic acid to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, restore facial volume and lift the areas hat may have lost elasticity and firmness. All treatments are personalized to individual needs therefore we recommend an initial consultation with our experienced aesthetic doctor.

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