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Cellulite is characterized by a dimpling or “orange peel” appearance of the skin caused by fat beneath the skin that is pushed against collagen fibres that is most commonly seen on the thighs and buttocks. It can affect most women, but also men and it can appear not only around the hips, buttocks, stomach and thighs, but also on the arms, back, breasts and neck.
Cellulite can be influenced by a poor diet and a higher percentage of body fat, smoking, but also hormones like oestrogen.
SkinGlow Clinic uses several techniques to treat this condition including lymphatic drainage, radiofrequency Venus Freeze that will tighten collagen fibres and Microneedling with Mesotherapy.

What’s the best treatment?

Lymphatic drainage massage and pressotherapy will help improve microcirculation and activate lymphatic system to drain essential nutrients across whole body, help boost immune system functions and improve appearance of cellulite.

Radiofrequency Venus freeze is a cutting-edge technology. Using multi-polar radiofrequency and magnetic field pulsation, this painless procedure heats up the skin from the inside and boosts the body’s collagen and elastin production. It offers amazing rejuvenating and body contouring effects, treating both cellulite and skin laxity with no downtime and limited discomfort.

Microneedling is a medically engineered skin needling device that uses disposable surgical grade micro-needles that vertically pierce the skin and create multiple micro-injuries. This will encourage and harness your own body’s innate ability to repair itself naturally and produce new collagen. This technology will create micro-channels and create a gateway for active mesotherapy ingredients including caffeine, hormones, enzymes, and herbal extracts to be delivered to the deeper layers of the skin as this technology significantly increases the absorption of topical products aimed to treat cellulite. This treatment can significantly improve stretch marks and skin laxity as well.
Mesotherapy is a non-surgical treatment capable of improving the majority of cosmetic issues by providing small quantities of active ingredients like vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid directly to the area where they are needed.
Mesotherapy is a novel therapy which can act synergistically to improve uneven skin texture and the appearance of cellulite and saggy skin by stimulating production of the collagen and elastin.

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