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Fat dissolving injections

Stubborn localized fat clusters? Eliminate them definitively! 

With a quick and safe, non-surgical treatment, achieve permanent reduction of localized fat and cellulite that remains despite a healthy diet and regular exercise. 

What are fat dissolving injections?

Aqualyx – The fat dissolving is an injectable treatment that uses an active compound, based on deoxycholic acid, that is injected in the targeted fat tissue to trigger its emulsification.

The active ingredient deoxycholic acid, is naturally found in the human body as well and it’s a completely biogradable and biocompatible product. 

Once the fat cells are being injected with the compound, they liquefy and are permanently destroyed. The liquified cells are in turn eliminated and cleared by the lymphatic system, which completes the natural process.

What is the difference between Aqualyx and Desoface/Desobody?

Desoface/Desobody is the next generation of fat dissolver, it is a potent, purified form of the fat dissolving chemical. It works by inducing adipocytolysis by disruption of the cell membrane.

The treatment and what to expect

The treatment is not a weight loss treatment and is only recommended for stubborn, localized fat pockets which are resistant to diet and exercise.

All treatments include a complimentary consultation, prior to the treatment with our experienced, qualified doctor who will assess your needs, suitability and advise you the most appropriate treatment plan.

Once the treatment is performed for the desired area, the customer might experience immediate swelling which can last up to 2 weeks. For the first 3 days the area can double in size. The area will feel tender and sore for up to 4 weeks. During this time it is essential to massage to encourage the lymphatic drainage.

Improvements are usually visible after 1-2 sessions, but for optimal results up to 8 sessions might be recommended.

The areas that the treatment can be effectively performed are: Thighs, Knees, Buttocks, Below buttocks, Hips, Stomachs, Chin, Below chin and Lipoma

All our fat dissolving treatments performed only by experienced, qualified doctors.


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