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Skinceuticals roots

Skinceuticals roots

Yes, you guessed right! Dr Sheldon Pinnell is the founder and the scientist behind the brand’s success and reputation.

SkinCeuticals founding scientist, Dr. Pinnell changed the face of topical Vitamin C Serums with his pivotal research. He was more than just a dermatologist, professor and skincare chemist, he was a visionary and a pioneer.
His quest for knowledge and dedication to skin science was paramount for establishing SkinCeuticals as the antioxidant authority. 

He was a distinguished member of the Duke University Medical School faculty for almost 40 years, Dr. Pinnell was a professor of dermatology, held the title of J. Lamar Callaway Professor Emeritus of Dermatology, and also served as Chief of Dermatology at Duke University Medical Centre for 15 years. At Duke, he trained physicians from the United States and abroad both as dermatologists and research scientists. With almost four decades of experience in skin cancer, skin disease, and skin ageing research, Dr. Pinnell published more than 200 scientific articles about topical vitamin C, antioxidants, collagen synthesis, and photo-damage in peer-reviewed dermatology journals.

Dr Pinnell was one of the most well-respected doctors and skin scientists of our time.



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