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Anti-wrinkle treatments that work


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Anti-wrinkle treatments come in many shapes and sizes, and in the article below, we will talk about the most efficient ways of prevention. Anti-wrinkle treatments can be used to delay or blur the unwanted wrinkles. Wrinkles are lines, ridges, creases, or folds that appear on your skin once you are getting older. They are one of the most unwanted issues women experience.

Why wrinkles occur?

These lines appear in places where your face naturally folds: around your eyes, forehead, and mouth. They are caused by facial expressions and start developing when your skin loses its elasticity.

However, this is not the only factor that causes these fine lines. Sun exposure has a major impact on skin, causing wrinkles on other parts of your body like the arms and backs of your hands. They are an inconvenience that appears as years go by. Even so, there are many types and procedures are used to diminish the anti-ageing process.

Selfcare tips to reduce wrinkles:

  • Use sunscreen every day;
  • With every tan, you damage and age your skin. It is better to use tanning creams;
  • Stop smoking;
  • Drink less alcohol;
  • Improve body circulation by exercising;
  • Wash your face twice a day;
  • Always wash your face after you sweat or work out at the gym.

What is the best anti-wrinkle cream?

The appearance of lines caused by ageing is an irreversible process, but it is possible to delay and control this problem. Depending on your skin tone and history, after you visit our clinic, we can recommend you the proper home care routine and products that will target wrinkles and fine lines.

Such creams can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and crow’s feet, reduce puffiness and dark circles, enhance skin radiance, moisturize skin, reduce the tired aspect of your eyes, and skin dryness.

Also, each time you step out in the sun during summer, we highly advise you to use an SPF cream that will protect your skin from damaging sun rays. This way, you will prevent wrinkles and fine lines, sunburns, and depigmentation.

When to use anti-wrinkle cream?

Anti-ageing treatments and creams should be used when your skin seems more fragile or sensitive, it bruises more often and easily, gets a thinner aspect, sags or hangs loosely and, of course, when fine lines appear.

It is recommended to start using anti-wrinkle creams when you are in your early 20’s to delay the appearance of skin lines. Even if you do not have wrinkles at this age, it is recommended to integrate these products into your skincare routine.

However, we do not recommend using anti-ageing products when you’re less than 20 because these creams can cause clogging on a skin way too young.

Also, topical retinol, a common acne treatment, will reduce unwanted lines and wrinkles. Hyperpigmentation is also targeted by ingredients found in retinol products. Such treatment will boost collagen and produce elastin, increasing your skin’s firmness. If you use retinol products, NEVER get out in the sun without applying sunscreen with high SPF.

What is the anti-wrinkle treatment?

Anti-wrinkle treatments are more efficient than creams if skincare experts or dermatologists conduct them.

Microdermabrasion and hydradermabrasion are some of the best treatments for wrinkles. They are non-invasive procedures that hydrate your skin, clean your face, remove dead cells and provide anti-ageing effects. Also, they improve skin circulation.

At Skinglow Clinic, we perform this procedure with a device that vacuums all unnecessary particles and dead cells found on your skin. Still, you will need more than one treatment to see great results.

We also use the microneedling technique to create micro-channels in your skin that are later filled with active ingredients and vitamins. These will improve skin texture, your face will look brighter and rejuvenated. We use a microneedling pen to create these tiny channels and to stimulate collagen production. This treatment will leave your skin smoother, firmer, and toned.

Mesotherapy is often combined with microneedling treatments. While the pen creates these micro holes, mesotherapy treatment uses plant extracts, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins to fill them. These active ingredients will be released into your skin, and after a few treatments, you will start noticing improvements. This treatment is effective in many ways: it fades wrinkles and lines, tightens loose skin (one of the ageing signs), and lightens pigmented skin.

Radiofrequency Venus Freeze
uses magnetic and multipolar radiofrequency to heat up your skin, stimulating collagen and elastin production. One of the perks of having this procedure is the rejuvenated appearance of your skin and little discomfort.

LED therapy combats early signs of ageing and is a common treatment for wrinkles. It also targets other problems like hyperpigmentation or uneven tone or texture.

Dermal fillers are ideal for skin that lost its elasticity and firmness. For this procedure, we use hyaluronic acid to improve areas of your face where the ageing process is visible. The effects of dermal fillers treatments last between 6 and 18 months, depending on the type of filler.

Chemical peels are used to remove all dead cells and to increase skin cell regeneration. We use specific acid solutions that remove a layer of skin and lessen the appearance of fine wrinkles. After the treatment, your skin will look youthful and smoother. One of the best things about chemical peels is that you will see great improvement even after the first session. However, we recommend you to repeat the treatments if you want long-term improvements.

This device is used for microdermabrasion and it vacuums all dead skin cells

What are anti-wrinkle injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections are a less painful alternative for surgical face liftings. These injections contain ingredients that will smooth any signs of ageing.

We use this highly purified protein to help the muscle relax and stop the contractions that cause the expression wrinkles and lines. This treatment will provide a youthful transformation, and it can be used to target the forehead, or the outer corner of the eye lines, called crow’s feet. At Skiglow Clinic, anti-wrinkle injectable treatments are administered by a qualified MD.

Are anti-wrinkle injections safe?

This practice is being used for many years for cosmetic purposes and relaxing muscles and sweat glands. Anti-wrinkle injections are safe as long as a specialist completes the procedure.

It is a non-surgical treatment, but that does not mean it can be done at home or outside a clinic or a medical center.

Can anti-wrinkle injections go wrong?

Anti-ageing injections come with minor risks such as redness, bruising, minor bleeding, or swelling in the area where the treatment was applied.

However, if you choose to see an expert with years of experience in medical skincare and aesthetics, you have nothing to worry about.

Where can I find anti-ageing treatments?

At Skinglow Clinic, we offer anti-ageing treatments. We use premium products and provides special treatments using advanced technologies.

After you book an appointment with our specialists, we carefully analyze your skin and needs, and based on our findings, we advise about the procedures needed for your anti-ageing treatments.

We provide personalized tips on preventing ageing and how to take better care of your skin. So, if you want people to compliment your skin and looks every day, book an appointment or visit us at 216 Kensington Park Rd, Notting Hill, London.


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