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Benefits of Using Topical Vitamin C

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Topical vitamin C is a great antioxidant and is considered one of the best skin treatments. Using topical vitamin C comes with loads of benefits! Skin tone and texture improvement, anti-ageing effects, and great hydration can all be achieved.

You can receive your daily vitamin C from fruits and vegetables. But it is recommended to use a moisturizer or product that contains this strong antioxidant.

If you want brighter skin and a significantly effective product for your skin, topical vitamin C is the missing ingredient from your daily skincare routine. So, let us dig into the subject and discover the benefits of using this great antioxidant.

What is topical vitamin c?

Topical vitamin C is known as ascorbic acid. It keeps your skin healthy. Studies show that this ingredient has many benefits if you use it regularly.

Topical vitamin C is easily absorbed into your skin layers. It creates great protection against free radicals. You can find it in creams, moisturizers, and serums. We recommend using a topical vitamin C serum. These products are more concentrated than creams. They are also absorbed more rapidly into your skin. Even serums that contain 1% topical vitamin C can make a huge difference for your skin.

Does topical vitamin C work?

Yes, topical vitamin C definitely works! For best results, you need to apply it 1-2 times per day. In the morning, after using it, make sure you apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Both have many benefits for your skin and can be used for dry, oily, or even sensitive skin types.

Topical vitamin C makes it look healthier and younger. You will see improvements even after the first use.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C

Is topical vitamin C safe during pregnancy?

Topical vitamin C is safe for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. make sure that when using this great antioxidant, you apply it to a freshly washed face. After the application, wait a few minutes. This practice allows vitamin C to penetrate your skin. Then you can add your moisturizer or sunscreen.

How to use topical vitamin C?

If you are ready to change your skin routine and add topical vitamin C, there are a lot of products that can help you achieve great-looking skin. To build a great routine, you need to use a cleanser first. It will clean your face from all impurities. Also, if you want, add a toner. Integrate a vitamin C serum into your routine because it is a powerful antioxidant. After the serum is absorbed into your skin, apply the moisturizer and sunscreen.

To make sure you are using the right concentration of topical vitamin C serum, test the product on a small patch of skin. If it causes a negative reaction, talk to your dermatologist. He will give the best advice on how to use vitamin C for your skin.

Topical vitamin C benefits:

Vitamin C is so beneficial for your skin. All skincare experts, beauty bloggers, influencers, and dermatologists recommend it. So, below you will find the main reasons you should add this antioxidant to your skincare routine:

  • Topical vitamin C reduces undereye circles. Nobody likes those raccoon eyes, and an antioxidant can help you improve this situation. Even if you had a bad sleep, vitamin C serums would diminish these circles. Studies show that vitamin C helps the skin retain water, keeping it hydrated. This translates to fewer chances of getting oily or dry skin. Using it, you can say bye-bye to those dark circles, and your skin will gain elasticity and roughness.
  • It reduces redness. There are so many factors that cause redness. Rosacea, skin inflammation, sun exposure or hormones can be some of the main causes. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, damaged blood vessels called capillaries will improve and disappear. You will end up with gorgeous-looking skin, less redness, and a smooth aspect.
  • Topical vitamin C provides skin hydration. Skin looks glowing and bright when it is properly hydrated. Our top skin layer, called the epidermis, looks dry and feels itchy if not moisturized enough. This causes premature ageing, and you certainly do not want such a struggle.
  • It is a great treatment for hyperpigmentation. This condition is usually caused by too much sun exposure (UV rays). Environmental stress will make you look old. But vitamin C will inhibit tyrosinase, an enzyme that helps you prevent hyperpigmentation. You must know that vitamin C won’t create discoloration for normal skin. It only acts against melanin deposits that are caused by overexposure to the sun.
  • Topical vitamin C stimulates collagen production. When we’re talking about collagen, vitamin C is the best stimulant. Help your skin produce the necessary amount. This way you will maintain skin radiance, elasticity, and firmness. Unfortunately, collagen production is reduced as we are getting older, so you need a stimulant to boost it. Topical vitamin C will speed up this process, and your skin will look firmer and plump. It restores your smoothness, prevents ageing, and improves the overall skin aspect.
  • It is a safe product for almost all skin types. It doesn’t matter if you have oily, normal, dry, or sensitive skin, Vitamin C is perfect for you. Only in hypersensitive skin cases, this antioxidant can irritate. You can combine it with other skin treatments like retinol or SPF creams.
  • Vitamin C protects your skin against sun damage and free radicals (atoms with no electrons). These can cause unwanted damage. Vitamin C provides the missing electron, transforming them into harmless particles. It is a great remedy for sunburn. It will speed up wound healing and greatly improve your chances of not getting a scar.
vitamin C face serum
Add a vitamin C serum to your daily skincare routine

A vitamin C serum will guarantee environmental protection for daytime. It diminishes wrinkles and fine lines and discoloration. It contains 10% vitamin C and is the perfect tool in your fight against sun damage (UVA and UVB rays). It is ideal against ageing, ozone pollution, or infrared radiation.

Once your skin absorbs the product, your skin remains protected for 72 hours. It is free, with no fragrance, and is ideal for dry and oily skin or women with acne. After cleansing and toning your skin, pour 4-5 drops of this serum on your face, neck, and chest.

We recommend using it for at least three months if you want to see the effects. Remember, when dealing with skin problems, consistency is the key to brighten and effective protection.

Studies show that vitamin C is beneficial for so many skin conditions and problems. It protects against photo-aging, stabilizes collagen fibers in your skin, reduces pigmentation, protects skin from sun damage.


Topical vitamin C comes with many benefits for your skin. It is ideal for sunburn, protects skin against sun damage and free radicals. It is perfect for all types of skin and can be applied in the morning or before bed.


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