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Most asked questions about laser hair removal

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Laser hair removal is the key for fine smooth legs. It is one of the few options out there that can offer a more permanent hair reduction effect on hair growth. In addition, this laser technique can promise you a stubble-free life, but before you start regularly doing the procedure, you need to learn more about the ins and outs of the process.
To ease your search, here are the most asked questions about laser procedures that will make you better understand why the procedure comes with loads of advantages for aesthetics and your skin.

What laser hair removal does?

Let us start with the beginning and find out more about what this procedure does. First, for this technique to be 100% effective, the area that needs the removal has to be completely shaved. Then, using the latest technology, inch by inch, your skin will be exposed to frequent pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle.
After each session, hair follicles take more and more damage and will be able to see slower growth and thinner hairs in that particular area. The damage inflicted on these hair follicles will make them unable to grow hair.
The technique is available in clinics for more than two decades and is completely safe.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

If this will be your first laser hair removal, you must not worry because the procedure is not painful.
When making this permanent hair reduction with a laser, you will experience a tingling sensation, like a rubber band snapping the skin.
However, the latest technology offers a cooling system activated before, after, and during each pulse, so this might be even more comfortable than you would have dreamed.

Will laser hair removal stop ingrown hairs?

Permanent hair reductions performed to stop the follicle from no longer produce hair is the best and the only solution with effective results for getting rid of ingrown hairs. Not like other procedures, laser removal treatment “attacks” the source of the problem, the root. If they no longer produce hair, the problem really disappears.

Which laser hair removal machine is best?

Cutera is one of the biggest brands out there that engineers high-level performance laser equipment. Excel HR is a laser hair removal machine specifically designed to perform permanent hair reduction in the safest conditions. At SkinGlow Clinic, we make sure that our patients experience effective procedures, and we use the latest technology to perform this operation.

laser hair removal bikini area
Laser hair reduction is ideal for bikini area

How laser hair removal works on different skin types?

Devices that use light, including lasers, are very popular options for women and men who want the perfect skin during summer. 

However, harsh regulations and safety procedures are mandatory, and only specialized people can operate these devices. One of the most researched facts about permanent hair reduction is how this procedure affects all skin types. 

Studies made in the UK show that laser hair removal is safe for all ethnicities. This research aimed to illustrate aspects of side effects for Asians, black, mixed, white males and females and the results prove that the procedure is effective and not dangerous.

At what age is laser hair removal most effective?

One of the best things about permanent hair reduction is that the process is highly effective at any age. It does not count if you are 14 or 90 years old.
Laser hair removal works on many body parts such as the chin, chest, legs, underarms, arms, bikini line and is also used and effective for unwanted facial.
Also, people with thick, coarse, and dark hair count among the best candidates for this procedure because the laser is especially attracted by pigment or color.

What happens if I stop laser hair removal?

If you wait too long between the treatment sessions, the permanent hair reduction will not be effective. The hair follicles will not be completely damaged and will continue to grow that unwanted hair. The hair will become thinner, but these results will not last for too long, and soon you will be back from where you initially started.
If you are patient, follow specialist recommendations, and finish the whole series of treatments, because the results will be long-lasting and will show permanent changes.

When NOT to choose laser hair removal?

Even if permanent hair reduction is marked as completely safe, the treatment session might not be recommended for some people. There is not enough data available, but laser hair removal and pregnancy might not work hand in hand. It is generally advised to avoid the procedure because some women can experience problems hormonal changes with hair growth while bearing a child. Some will even spot unwanted hair in places they have never seen before, like belly or nipples, but these hairs will fall after childbirth.

Laser hair removal vs. Electrolysis

While both procedures are popular ways hair removal methods and work by targeting the roots located under the skin, these two are two different things.
While laser hair removal uses mild radiation to target the hair follicles with high heat lasers, electrolysis is a procedure done by a dermatologist, and it involves an epilator device inserted into the skin. It uses shortwave frequencies to stop growing new hair, and your existing hair will fall out.
Even if both procedures are effective, the downside of electrolysis is that the treatment spreads on more sessions than the laser procedure, and big areas cannot be covered.

laser hair removal legs
For smooth legs use permanent hair reduction

Benefits of laser hair removal:

• Helps with ingrown hair and irritation;
• Smoother skin;
Permanent hair reduction is safe;
• Non-invasive procedure.


If you want to experience all the perks and benefits of the permanent hair reduction procedure, there are a couple of things you need to do before and after your treatment sessions. First, you must not the laser remains in your skin for 24 hours, so you have to postpone your gym activities, hot showers, and sauna. By continuing these activities you will create a warm environment for bacteria, which is certainly a thing you want to avoid.

Second, you need to avoid getting a tan, sunbathing, or any sun exposure before and after the hair permanent hair reduction treatments. If you already have a tanned body, you will need to wait for it to fade away.

However, the Cutera premium hair removal laser Excel HR that we use in our SkinGlow Clinic works on all skin types and even tanned skin.
Among the things you need to avoid two days before and after the procedure are scrubs, glycolic acid, and retinol-based creams and products.
You should avoid fake tanning, chemical peels, and similar procedures two weeks before and after the permanent hair reduction procedure.

Where can I get laser hair removal in London?

SkinGlow Clinic provides laser hair removal for bikini areas, armpits, chin, face, and legs in London, and we make sure our clients always come back for a safe and pleasant experience. The technology and devices used for permanent hair reduction procedures are effective with minimum pain.
If you want to look flawless this summer, go to SkinGlow Clinic contact page and send us a message, an email or give us a call!


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