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5 Reasons men need laser hair removal!


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Gone are the days when laser hair removal was only a beauty procedure targeting mainly ladies who wanted to get rid of their unwanted hair!
Now, due to the technological advances of the laser hair removal devices, their utility has increased. They’re not only removing hair, but helping alleviate other conditions like acne spots, folliculitis or skin irritation. It does so much more rapidly, efficiently and less painfully than ever before!

What is laser?

From its inception in the 1960’s, the laser, an acronym for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation” started being used in a large variety of applications, including medical and aesthetics. It is a light emitting device, through a process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation.

Why is laser hair removal important for men?

Pain and discomfort. The top reasons for undergoing such a treatment start with pain and discomfort the neck hair might cause, especially for people with sensitive skin!
For majority of men, shaving and trimming is already part of a men’s daily routine. This combined with a sensitive skin and a tendency to acne spots or folliculitis will confine you to a daily painful habit. This discomfort can now be stopped with the laser hair removal technology by removing the root cause of the problem, the hair.
Laser hair removal for men is on the rise due to its multiple benefits permanent face and body hair removal brings. In particular we receive lots of questions for neck laser hair removal, an area that’s very sensitive for many men. It’s sensitive nature combined with frequent shaving and daily collar friction are the main triggering factors for a condition that is both painful and aesthetically unpleasant.

Looks. For all of us looks are very important! We push ourselves to be our best day in day out! Our look has to express that and need to feel great in our skin!
Many our clients that experienced significant irritation also known as razor burn or inflamed acne spots and folliculitis on their neck or back from pesky hair opted for laser hair removal.
The benefits brought by laser hair removal are fantastic after just few sessions as not only hair is permanently removed, but no longer folliculitis, ingrown hairs or irritated skin are an issue. Not to say that neck or back laser hair removal deals with the hassle of shaving, trimming or waxing.

Time. Have you ever calculated how much time you spend shaving and trimming? Is it worth it? One of our most valuable resource, limited in nature and you want to spend it on..trimming? 🙂

Money. And also, not the least important fact, saver on the long run laser hair removal is a money saver, no doubt there.

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