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Summer acne: What is it? How to deal with it?

summer acne

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Do you feel like warm weather aggravates your skin condition? Is summer acne a thing? Most of those who struggle with acne might experience the so-called summer acne during hot seasons. This happens because higher temperatures, humidity, heat, or sweat make your skin more oily. Therefore, you will spot more breakouts that need treatment.

To ensure you know how to take care of your skin during hot seasons, we listed here all the questions you might have about summer acne.

What is acne?

Acne is a skin condition that affects more than 80% of people, adolescents, and adults. Most of the time, this condition is lead by hormones surging, and it appears during puberty.

These hormones make your pores open wider and accelerate sebum production. Usually, sebum keeps your skin nourished, but in this case, the oil clogs the pores. It traps bacteria and dead skin cells, creating unwanted pimples.

Researches show that all sorts of acne, including summer acne, come with disfigurement and loss of confidence, depression, and pain. During summer, acne aggravates for some people, and the reasons may vary.

Can summer heat cause acne?

First of all, let us better understand what really happens to your skin during summer because many people are confronted with this scenario every time the temperatures rise. Sometimes, acne will appear, no matter how healthy is your diet or skin routine.

Heat, humidity, sweat, and extra oils can cause summer acne. When you step into the sunlight, your skin starts regenerating faster, but this process slows down each time you step into an air conditioning room. This way, dead skin cells remain on the surface, and they clog pores, causing acne breakouts.

When it comes to heavy sweating during summer, it is all about a combination of factors that make your skin prone to acne. Excess oil, dirt, and bacteria combined with sweat lead to clogged pores and eventually an acne outburst. Because more sebum is produced during summer, you will provide the best environment for acne.

However, there are also some bad habits that we all have when the temperatures are higher, and they can cause acne. We all love spending summer days and evenings on a terrace, having fun with friends, cooling off with a beer or a cocktail. But these sugary-loaded foods and drinks can be one of your enemies in your battle with acne without even knowing it. High-glycemic drinks and foods also cause oil production because they are pro-inflammatory.

Also, people who work out a lot will experience more acne breakouts than others. If you wear athletic gear that traps moisture and promotes bacterial growth, you need to change your routine during summer. Make sure you always have another set of clothes, always go for a shower after your workout and use clothes that absorb both sweat and oils.

Humidity, heat and oils will cause an acne outburst during summer

How to prevent summer acne?

Sunblock creams are a must during summer because they will prevent your skin from UV rays damage. Also, the sun can create other skin problems such as sunburn, inflammations, discoloration, skin cancer, or premature aging.

Moisturize your skin only if you need to. Your winter routine with heavy moisturizers should also go away. Switching to lighter creams that are oil-free and water-based will provide hydration without clogging the pores. Besides switching to breathable skin products, you can use topical antioxidants and makeup that contains minerals. Zinc oxide is one of these minerals and it is used as an ingredient for sunscreen because it protects your skin from UV rays.

Drinking more water will totally help you with stubborn summer acne. Summer acne breakouts will gradually improve if you integrate these tips into your daily routine during high-temperature season. Lack of water in your organism can be easily spotted on your skin, causing flaky scalp and dry knees and elbows.

It is always recommended to drink many liquids, and during summer, water becomes even more important because of abundant sweating. Inadequate hydration will also affect your acne because dehydration increases oil production, the main cause of acne.

Avoid overwashing and do not exfoliate too often because you can end up with mechanical acne caused by friction and irritation.

As mentioned above, sweat can cause acne, so it is crucial to shower after you finish your workout. Use a soap that fights breakouts and contains salicylic acid (fights blackheads) or benzoyl peroxide to help with inflamed pimples.

Where and how to treat summer acne?

Even if the tips mentioned above may help you, a skin care specialist is the right answer to your acne problems. At SkinGlow Clinic we make sure our patients receive the best summer acne treatments available.

Also, because we are not all the same and each skin differs from another, we offer personalized recommendations and tips for your summer acne. We are an experienced team that deals with stubborn skin conditions, and we use effective treatments against acne like:

Classical facial – this summer acne treatment will decongest your pores using a deep cleanse and hydra glow. We use high-quality products that will balance oil production and skin tone, and we prep your skin for advanced treatments in curing your acne.

Chemical peel – this type of treatment is perfect for summer acne. A professional exfoliating method will prevent acne scars. It is used to decongest skin and acne or to treat other problems like sun damage and wrinkles.

Microneedling – is a treatment developed for acne and scarring. The device will poke your skin with tiny needles to stimulate a healing response, collagen, and elastin. This microneedling treatment allows us to deliver active substances that will provide skin rejuvenation and a youthful outcome.

Laser – this treatment is not invasive, stimulates new collagen and elastin, improves acne and scarring, and diminishes pore size.

Led Therapy – for this treatment, we are using blue LED light to treat acne. This therapy will reduce sebum production and will kill Cutibacterium acnes. We usually combine blue light with red light to also diminish inflammations and redness that affects your skin.

Bespoke treatment – depending on your skin history and condition, we create a personalized treatment that might combine all the above therapies. Therefore, after a consultation, we will make sure you understand the condition you are dealing with, and we will propose a combination of treatments that will help your skin heal.

Red LED light diminishes redness and inflammations

Because acne is a stubborn skin condition, these treatments are effective only if you continue to apply them on a long-term basis. The results are not immediate, and you will need a few weeks to see improvements. If you want these treatments to be effective, you must know that consistency is key. We will give you recommendations on how to care for your skin at home, what products to use and what to avoid if you want an acne-free life.

If you are ready to get rid of this annoying skin condition, contact us right here!


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