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What you need to know about microcurrent facial

woman getting a microcurrent facial with a special device

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Microcurrent facial is a treatment that uses an electrical impulse to improve signs of ageing and tighten and rejuvenate skin. Microcurrent facials are very popular because they help stimulate your muscles. Find out from this article when to use this therapy, how long it lasts and which are the benefits of the procedure.

What is a microcurrent facial?

It is a skincare treatment that provides a natural lift. The procedure uses a device to stimulate your facial muscles. By using electricity with low voltage, collagen levels are boosted. The treatment is not only effective for wrinkles and fine lines, but also used to reduce inflammation and improve circulation. Electrical therapy is often used for wound healing.

How does microcurrent facial work?

This cosmetic treatment uses a small device with two electrodes at the end. They are used to deliver current that stimulates muscles and skin properly. When these muscles are vivified, the effect is a more tightened skin, lifted and with a rejuvenated aspect. Studies show electrical therapuy is ideal when you want to improve blood circulation. These benefits are also applied to skin aspect because the therapy makes it look healthier and plumped.

It is a great aid for people who are struggling with acne because electrical stimulation reduces inflammation and helps with healing.

Moreover, in 2019 researchers found out that this treatment is also efficient for sinus pain and congestion.

Microcurrent facial for acne

As mentioned before, current facial stimulation can have many benefits when you’re struggling with acne. The device is used to infuse certain serums deep into your skin. It is a great practice to keep your face hydrated and to rush the healing.

This cosmetic treatment helps eliminate bacteria or other microbes that can affect your skin. During these electrical procedures, the levels of oxygen are increased. Therefore the treatment builds an environment that inhibits bacteria development.

Skincare specialists have a few recommendations for those who are getting this facial. Do not use any retinol-based product 24 hours prior to the procedure. Also, keep in mind that a chemical peel does not work well with microcurrent. However, specialists approve mild exfoliation. This way you will remove dead skin cells and bacteria that are responsible for clogged pores.

When you are dealing with scars, you must know that seeing the result takes time. The device targets that area, and breaks collagen tissues that build those unwanted scars.

woman with cap on getting a facial treatment with an electrical device
Woman getting electrical therapy

Do microcurrent facial devices work?

There are few studies showing that this cosmetic procedure may come with several benefits for your body.

Muscle stimulation is one of the most important benefits because it reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Think of this procedure as going to a gym but for your facial muscles. The procedure creates an increase of 500% cellular activity. By doing so, your saggy skin will look lifted especially in the mouth area. It is a fabulous option when you want to get rid of forehead lines.

How long does electrical therapy last?

Unlike other treatments, this type of therapy shows immediate results. In just three days, you will see that your face has a tightened appearance. However, you must know that the effects are not permanent, and the results last about 3 to 6 weeks. Also, we advise you to do more sessions if you want to see a long-term difference.

Skincare specialists recommend you 12 sessions for a full rejuvenated look. If your skin is saggy and has multiple ageing signs, you should book up to 15 sessions. For the treatment to be most effective, in the first 3 weeks, you will need two or three sessions per week, followed by one session per week until the whole therapy plan is finished.

Once you are done, if you want to maintain that rejuvenated skin and extend the benefits of this therapy, you must get the treatment every four weeks.

Is microcurrent facial safe?

The procedure is safe because it uses low voltage electricity. It has been around for a few decades and has been used to relieve pain and some paralysis conditions.

Compared to a facelift, the cosmetic treatment has lower side effects, it is non-surgical, with no incisions or anaesthesia needed. Because the voltage used is very low, the device won’t be able to create any skin damage. However, you must know that microcurrent facial are not recommended for people who have, any heart conditions or implanted pacemakers.

Unfortunately, this electrical therapy and epilepsy don’t go hand in hand. So if you are suffering from this affection, we recommend you not to book this treatment.

Side effects of microcurrent facials

People who followed this treatment reported a few mild side effects. So don’t worry if you experience dryness, a tingling sensation, or minor discomfort.

Side effects should disappear quickly, but if your condition does not improve, you should contact a skin care specialist.

However, after doing the procedure, you should be able to continue your day-to-day activities.

Microcurrent facial vs radio frequency

You might be tempted to think that radiofrequency therapy and microcurrent facials are the same things. Therefore, you need to do your research and learn about each procedure before booking an appointment. We will explain how each of them works and which one to choose depending on your skin problems.

What is radio frequency? It is a treatment that uses ways that target deeper layers of skin. It is used to boost collagen and elastin production. The treatment is non-surgical, non-invasive and painless.

On the other hand, microcurrent uses electrical current. The procedure trains your muscles, and helps you get better product penetration when you use face creams, serums or lotions. It is a fabulous option for those who struggle with acne scars, wrinkles or dropping skin.

While radio frequency is used to tighten the skin, microcurrent has the same effect on muscles.

Also, these two therapies can be mixed when you want to benefit from the effects of both treatments.

device used for electrical therapy
The device used for microcurrent facial treatment

Where to get a microcurrent facial?

Skinglow Clinic is one of the best places where you can get this cosmetic treatment. We have 20 years of experience in the field, and we make sure each patient feels comfortable and receives a personalised treatment that rejuvenates their skin.

We recommend you getting this bespoke rejuvenation facial that combines serums with vitamins, growth factors and hyaluronic acid to improve the aspect of your skin. Depending on your problems, we personalised the treatment accordingly. We double cleanse the area, and use microcurrent, LED therapy, ultrasonic, galvanic, and oxygen therapy.

The treatment aims to boost collagen production, relieve stress and get you that rejuvenating look. We end the treatments with antioxidants from Skinceuticals. The procedure is relaxing and takes about an hour and 10 minutes.

If you are searching for a clean, safe place that makes you feel spoiled during your treatment, contact us to book an appointment. Moreover, you can visit us in London, 216 Kensington Park Rd, Notting Hill.


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