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Best facial treatments for weddings

bridal facial treatment

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Any woman who has a wedding planned this year can benefit from a facial treatment! Even if you are the bride, one of the bridesmaids or a guest, a facial procedure will certainly make you feel and look divine.

As a bride, we know how hard it can be to plan your wedding, choose the flowers, find the perfect venue and band, choose the best food, and between all this, have the time to make yourself look FABULOUS.

It can even take you a whole year to plan all the details, and if you want to look mind-blowing at your wedding, we suggest you to consider getting a facial treatment that will make your skin glow. As a guest, you’ll also want to look stunning and the best way to get that particular shine is to find a treatment that suits you.

Because we want you to feel amazing on this memorable day, you will discover below the best ways to improve your skin for the wedding.

How to prepare your face for wedding?

First of all, if you want fabulous skin on a wedding day, create a routine that includes moisturizing, cleansing, and exfoliating. Don’t forget about your neck, chest, and back because this regimen can make a huge difference. Toning your skin is also an important step that you do not want to miss when prepping your skin for the wedding. It keeps your PH balanced and reduces pores.

Also, we recommend you to use products without fragrances or colors because they can sometimes irritate your skin. Synthetic chemicals found in some moisturizers can actually make your face look dryer and cause unwanted breakouts.

However, professional skin care treatments are best if you want to rejuvenate your skin and make it look smooth, plump, and glowing.

Which facial is best for wedding?

You will certainly want to obtain that marvelous shine for your wedding day and perfect skin without even a tiny imperfection. If you previously struggled with acne or still fighting a battle with this unpleasant condition, it is best to book an appointment with a skincare specialist that can help you treat it and keep it under control. Microneedling and mesotherapy are effective not only for acne but also for scars. These two procedures combined can become your best friend when you need a weapon against acne. Moreover, this technique is also used to rejuvenate skin from the face and neck and diminish wrinkles and fine lines.

If you struggle with rosacea, you need proper treatment and guidance to keep it under control because it is hard to deal with a skin condition that has no permanent cure. A skin care specialist will recommend you the best creams and treatments and explain what to add or avoid in your skin routine to make sure you will not heavily blush during this special occasion.

Also, if you have wrinkles or fine lines, there are many treatments available that will make your skin look rejuvenated and with less noticeable expression lines and crows feet. From injectable treatments to chemical peels, dermabrasion or mesotherapy combined with microneedling, there are all kinds of methods that can boost your collagen and elastin and make you look fabulous for such an important moment.

At Skinglow Clinic, we have created special treatments that are ideal for brides and bridesmaids or men and women who attend the big party and want to look their best. Our bespoke rejuvenation facial treatment is customized for each skin type. Its main focus is on restoring your skin’s vitality by using multiple enriched serums, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid. Depending on the actual state of your skin, after proper consultation, the facial treatment can include a double cleansing, ultrasonic, galvanic, oxygen therapy, microcurrent, LED therapy, and relaxing lymphatic massage that will create a great base for maintaining your glow.

Advanced deep cleanses are great purifiers and provide a great balance for diverse skin problems. It combines many procedures as light extractions, exfoliation, a face mask, and a massage that will boost circulation. It uses numerous active ingredients, eliminates pimples, black, and whiteheads, helps with depigmentation and fine lines, and smoothens skin. Advanced deep cleanses are ideal for women preparing for weddings who want to clear their skin from impurities, treat acne and even rosacea, rejuvenate skin, restore elasticity. You can opt for this treatment once a month or combine it with other treatments like LED therapy. This mixed procedure will help with healing and combat redness and swelling.

LED therapy is ideal for women who developed fine lines or wrinkles because this procedure will target and reduce them. It is a great treatment for a wedding because it can also improve uneven skin tone, brightens your face, and reduces pore size.

The procedure uses light to produce collagen and elastin so that your skin will start aging slowly. It is a very relaxing therapy, absolutely painless, ideal for all skin types and colors, and a great enemy for rosacea, acne, and depigmentation.

When should I get a facial for my wedding?

It is ideal to start your treatments six months before the wedding. When trying to cure skin conditions like acne or improve acne scarring, you will not see immediate results.  It takes time and consistency to improve scarring, depigmentation, or other issues and a single treatment performed just a few days before the wedding will not be enough.

Furthermore, for a couple of days, some facial treatments can cause redness; others recommend you not to apply makeup too soon. To make sure you won’t have a red swollen face when walking down the aisle, make sure you carefully plan your treatment sessions long before the wedding.

If you are wondering if it is bad to get a facial before your wedding, the answer is no, but only if your last session is a few days before the big event.

Where can I get a facial for a wedding?

Skinglow Clinic specialists can help you look radiant in your wedding gown or bridesmaid dress. After you book your appointment and we consult your skin, we can recommend a course of treatments that will make you look marvelous for this event.

Even if you are the bride or just going as a guest, you can rejuvenate your skin and make it look smoother with a great glow. We provide numerous types of facials for a wedding, and we can customize them according to each person’s skin type and needs or personal preferences to obtain the best results for the makeover.

Also, in our clinic, specialized skincare practitioners perform these procedures in a safe and relaxing space. We don’t offer just a treatment; we provide a whole experience, followed by personalized homecare recommendations for your skin tone.

If you are ready to start planning your facial treatments for the wedding, visit us at 216 Kensington Park Rd, Notting Hill, London, or give us a call to talk about your next sessions.


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