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Why deep cleanse facial treatment?

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Deep cleanse facial treatments also known as DCF are a must for all those women and men who want perfect, fresh-looking skin. Having a daily skincare routine is certainly important to maintain that glow and smoothness. However, a deep cleansing facial treatment performed in a professional clinic certainly improves the aspect of your face.

What is a deep cleansing facial?

Even if this type of treatment is one of the most common procedures, the effects are mind-blowing. Because the treatment also includes a thorough analysis before recommending other procedures, deep cleanse facials helps your esthetician better understand your skin type and problems.

What does a deep cleanse facial do?

A deep cleansing facial offers personalized treatments that are customized for your skin type and conditions. At Skinglow Clinic, we use premium products to make your skin look firmer, exfoliate it by removing dead skin cells, and treat certain areas where problems are prominent.

So, as you can see in the video, a deep cleansing facial includes more than one procedure:

  • Skin analysis ;
  • Makeup removal;
  • Great skin cleansing;
  • Exfoliation;
  • Steaming;
  • Extractions for black and whiteheads, pimples;
  • Treatment masks;
  • Serums and moisturizers that contain active ingredients and vitamins;
  • Relaxin massage that restores blood circulation.

After the analysis and treatments, your skincare specialist gives you personalized recommendations on how to improve your skin at home, what to avoid and what types of products are needed to integrate into your daily routine for a flawless appearance.

The procedure can be done every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on your skin problems and recommendations. The skincare specialist will probably recommend a different procedure for each session, based on how your skin reacted to the previous treatment and problem persistence.

If you struggle with acne or oily skin, well, this treatment is certainly for you! It involves a steamer that opens pores and gives great access to unclog them. By exfoliating and removing all impurities, we provide a deep cleanse even on smaller and less visible pores.

When removing all the white and blackheads, we use a special tool that makes the extraction less uncomfortable, and we apply a mask that will smoothen and nourish your skin.

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When should I do a deep cleansing treatment?

It is recommended to perform a deep cleansing treatment every 4-6 weeks and be sure your skin will thank you for that.

When your pores get clogged or spot more black and whiteheads, your skin tells you that it needs such treatment. A DCF rejuvenates it, and you’ll get rid of impurities and restore elasticity.

Once in a while, you can recreate some parts of the deep cleanse facial treatment at home, but nothing compares with a treatment performed in a professional environment like Skinglow Clinic. We use devices, serums, and creams to purify and balance your skin’s aspect, even if you struggle with skin conditions like rosacea or acne.

Reasons to choose a deep cleansing facial treatment:

First of all, this procedure is ideal for both men and women. Any skin type or condition can benefit from a deep cleansing treatment.

  • Our skin care specialists  know how to deal with white and blackheads and pimple extractions. As you all know, it is not recommended to pop these at home because they might end up with unwanted scars. However, experts use a special tool to improve your skin and remove these bumps. Also, the professional exfoliation, steaming and mask application refreshes your skin to a whole new level that you cannot achieve at home.

  • The procedure is ideal when you need to get rid of all impurities. Deep cleansing facial treatments remove all dead skin cells, toxins, dirt, and oil build-up from your skin. This prevents the appearance of unwanted skin conditions like acne and even premature ageing.

  • Deep cleansing treatments are very effective and also great stress relievers. The procedure also includes a face massage that makes you feel so relaxed and pampered.

  • Such treatments should be done once a month because they are a great way to prevent ageing. DCF also makes your skin look healthier, hydrated, while the massage improves blood circulation. Skin absorption abilities are also improved during these procedures, so all rich vitamin serums and moisturizers that we use are faster and better absorbed into your skin.

Deep cleanse and LED therapy

When we perform a DFC treatment, we might also recommend other treatments like LED therapy, depending on your skin condition. These two procedures work hand in hand and make your skin look rejuvenated. Skin elasticity is restored, and it diminishes wrinkles and combats rosacea.

Led therapy and the deep cleansing facial treatment stimulates collagen production, therefore it slows down the ageing process and helps reducing acne problems. It is also relaxing, and most of our clients fall asleep during this amazing therapy. It is totally pain-free, suitable for all skin types and colors, and uses light to rejuvenate your skin.

It is often combined with a deed cleanse treatment because LED therapy reduces inflammation and redness and offers a high-quality skin treatment that you can get even during your lunch break.

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Deep cleanse facial treatment aftercare

If your skin is all glowing and smooth, you should know that it is also highly sensitive, making the aftercare routine very important. If you still see pimples and white or blackheads on your skin after a facial, do not pop them. There is a reason why the therapy did not target them. We know how hard it is not to prick your skin, but this bad habit might cause irritation and even scarring.

You should also avoid using loads of makeup products after your deep cleansing treatment. It is important to give your face skin a small break from all heavy products like concealers, foundation, or heavy creams for at least a day or two. Your pores are still open, and by spreading these products on your face, you might add some bacteria. Also, avoiding makeup increases the effectiveness of all the serums and moisturizers used for the treatment.

After this makeup break, make sure that all of your brushes and tools are washed and super clean. You do not want that bacteria back on your face, do you?

Because your skin is more sensitive after doing a treatment, gently wash your face. Avoid scrubs and other tools that might harm it.

You might also need to consider rescheduling gym workouts for the next two days because sweat can irritate exfoliated skin.

Deep cleanse facial in London

Skinglow Clinic offers a safe, relaxing environment where you can opt for amazing skin treatments like deep cleansing facials. Our team has years of experience in aesthetics body and facial treatments.

You will discover a cosy place where you can opt for various facials that rejuvenate your skin and make it look smooth and glowing. If you are ready to solve all your skin problems, look amazing each day, and pamper yourself, contact us or visit us at 216 Kensington Park Road.


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