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Taking care of sensitive skin during summer


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During summer, sensitive skin needs more attention and a skincare routine that is adapted to high temperatures. In this period, your skin tends to get more easily irritated, rashes appear frequently and you can even end up with acne if you do not take care of it properly. Tanning during summer days can make sensitive skin look less appealing: it gets itchy and red, and it might even start peeling off.
To make sure you know how to avoid all these issues, you will discover below the best ways to prevent skin damage on hot summer days.
But first of all, you should find out what skin type you have before making any changes for your skincare routine.

What is sensitive skin?

Redness is one of the most common signs of sensitive skin. This can be caused by rosacea, a skin condition that affects some women, or a reaction to certain factors like ingredients, tanning, dust. People with sensitive skin experience redness or irritation quite often, so it is ideal to make sure you have a great skin routine.

Frequent rashes or bumps are common for sensitive skin. New skin products can also cause them, so we highly advise you to test the new item on a small area before using it and applying on your whole body or face.

Beauty products that cause a sting or a burning sensation are not good for sensitive skin, so try avoiding them as much as possible.

How to treat sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is a skin condition, and you need to see a dermatologist if you struggle with constant rashes or irritations. You might have a skin problem that you do not know about or an allergy.

However, to maintain your skin flawlessly looking, make sure you use the right products and make some changes to your skincare routine by using lightweight makeup and moisturizers, spending no time in the hot tub, etc.

9 tips for sensitive skin during summer

In this article you will discover the best tips for sensitive skin for the summer. It is necessary to change your habits if you want to get rid of the redness, dryness, and even acne, and start boosting your self-esteem.

1. Lightweight skincare routine

During summer, it is indicated to use natural cleansers at least twice a day. This routine will make your skin look and feel softer and beautiful. You should use natural products like rose water to maintain your face in good shape.

Moisturizers should be lightweight and if they contain niacinamide, that is even better. This ingredient can be found in so many creams and serums that keep rosacea and acne under control.

2. Use non-comedogenic make-up

Non-comedogenic products are formulated without any pore-clogging ingredients. This way, you will reduce the chances of getting white or blackheads, pimples, and breakouts during summer days.
Products that are labeled as non-comedogenic are ideal for people with sensitive skin that are acne-prone.

3. Use serums instead of creams

Serums have tiny particles that better penetrate your skin. They are more effective because such products do not present “sealing” particles like moisturizers. Serums have a high concentration of vitamins and other active ingredients. Therefore even your deeper skin levels will benefit from these hydration components and nutrients.

4. Use quality vitamin C products

Vitamin C serums can be used each season, but during summer, this product is a must-have. Because sun rays are damaging, this particular serum prevents hyperpigmentation and helps with collagen production. It also improves fine lines, brightens skin, and protects it from many problems like dryness (a very common issue for sensitive skin during summer), sagginess, and photoaging.

5. Use sunscreen

Sunscreen should become your best friend during hot days. Women with sensitive skin should follow this recommendation in the summer season because such heat can cause loads of skin problems. When you choose to protect your skin from UV, choose an SPF 50+ product that will prevent tanning. FDA advises you to apply a moisturizer that offers a protective layer with a broad spectrum every two hours. If you are abundantly sweating or jumping in and out of the water, you must repeat this process even more often. Limit your time spent in the sun and avoid going out between 10 AM and 2 PM.

6. No tub time

Go for short showers instead! Because of the heat and constant sweating, we tend to hop into a shower more often. However, you should not spend more than 5 or 10 minutes in the bathroom, under the water. Showering in water that is too hot is also not recommended because you can end up with dry skin, inflammation or eczemas.

7. Monthly gentle exfoliation

Women with sensitive skin should integrate into their summer routine a mild exfoliator. This way, you will remove all dead skin cells, revealing a new fresh, good-looking layer. That does not mean that you have to perform this procedure daily, but it has to be part of your skincare routine.

This way, you will open your pores, remove excess oils that can cause acne, and end up with a smoother skin appearance. If you are wondering how to exfoliate sensitive skin, we advise you to find a proper method that is not too aggressive, otherwise, you might end up with an unpleasant irritation.

If you want to use a chemical exfoliator, you need to start slow and incorporate it into our routine step-by-step by firstly using it once a week. Use formulas that contain chamomile or other ingredients that will prevent irritation. However, you might want to consider a facial steamer that will soften hardened oil, making it easier to remove.

8. Always stay hydrated

We hear all the time that water makes miracles for your skin. During summer, sensitive skin can improve so much if you drink the right amount of water. It is ideal to drink between 5 and 7 glasses of water per day if you want to keep your skin moisturized and healthy. ‘

Drinking enough water can actually solve half of your skin and health problems, and if you experience dryness, this habit will impressively improve your skin’s aspect.

9. Opt for a LED and calming facial

At SkinGlow Clinic we offer sensitive skin treatments that are perfect for the summer. A LED and calming facial is ideal for women who experience redness, irritation, or blemishes on their faces. The therapy is specially designed for this skin type and targets unwanted inflammations, discomfort, and other problems that women with sensitive skin can experience during summer.

The technology is non-invasive and we combine it with specially formulated products that boost the efficacy of the treatment. This way, we restore and rebalance skin integrity.

LED therapy is a common procedure that uses the power of phototherapy. The device we use, Celluma, is embedded by NASA and cleared by the FDA. It uses red LED light that targets cells that produce collagen, making your skin heal by itself. On the other hand, blue LED light, which is also used for acne treatments, will reduce sebum production.
When we combine these two LED lights and add active ingredients, you experience a calming effect and feel pampered.


During summer, you need to adapt your routine to your skin type, especially if it is very sensitive. Follow the tips provided above and visit our clinic to discover some of the best treatments for the hot season. Visit us in London, 216 Kensington Park Road or book an appointment.


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