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Mum tum makeover after pregnancy

pregnant woman holding her mum tum

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Mum tum makeover after pregnancy helps regaining the previous body shape. But it also restores self-confidence!

Many mothers remember the moment when they first looked in a mirror, after birth. Then follows the dismay of their physical shape discovery. That is something that they didn’t foresee when pregnant. Even if the baby is now in their arms, their mum tum looks like in the sixth or even seventh month pregnant! And sometimes, things get worse, because, going alone on a walk, a week or two after birth, the new mum may find herself asked when is she going to give birth, look what a big belly she has …? Well, it’s relatively normal: there’s a long way to go before you look exactly the same as before. Discover everything that’s important to know about how to get rid of the mum tum.

What is a mum tum?

Mum tum (mummy tummy), is how your belly looks after having a baby. The proportions and forms are no longer the same as before becoming pregnant. It is quite possible that an apple-shaped silhouette will easily turn into a pear one. Or a slender, skinny one, turns into a generous and somewhat fuller silhouette than before. There is a great probability that the shape of the body remains permanently changed. Even if you lose all weight gain after giving birth. 

What causes mum tum?

Having a baby is the most beautiful moment in a woman’s life. Everything changes when a baby comes, starting with your lifestyle and priorities. The most challenging are the transformations in the physical appearance of women. A mother’s body undergoes changes starting from conception. As the pregnancy progresses, these changes intensify and they continue after giving birth. So, the enthusiasm of the new baby is shadowed by mum’s self-appearance. That can also intensify the postpartum depression. Most mothers want to get rid of the mum tum as quickly as possible. That is not only about the silhouette, but also about the skin condition where mum tums suffer the most. 

Immediately after giving birth, you “got rid” of about 5 kg. This sums up the weight of the baby, the placenta and the amniotic fluid. Even though your mum tum is no longer as tense, it is still large and flaccid. The good news is that the uterus begins to diminish its size immediately after birth. Thanks to the secretion of oxytocin.  That means that the occupied space in the abdomen will shrink even more. The swollen belly will visibly shrink. The bad news is that it is not very wise to solely rely on the natural course of things. Losing mum tum requires a lot of work.

What are the main issues of mum tum?

  • Lax skin mum tum. During pregnancy, the skin stretched to allow the foetus to grow and develop normally. Even if you burn all the remaining fat, you may be dealing with a surplus of skin, which you cannot drop. It is also popularly called saggy skin. 
  • Stretch marks. Stretch marks are ruptures in the elastic tissue and through collagen in the deep dermis. They can be seen through skin transparency and can be felt by touch. When the collagen-based conjunctive tissue stretches, collagen destroys itself. Rupture of collagen cells leads to the formation of these small scars on the skin. Some can be totally “erased”, others fade enough to stop bothering. These can be new – reddish or violet, that state the struggle of collagen for scarring and are easier to treat. Older stretch marks are white, they make difficult cases.
  • Residual fat deposits. Often, neither the strict diet nor intense exercise can melt the mum tum fat. Adipose tissue, along with water excess, is usually lost in the first 6 weeks after birth. Mum tum fat stubbornness is result of several factors. Lack or low breastfeeding, sports restriction after having a C-section, personal metabolism…
pregnant woman holding her mummy tummy

How to get rid of mum tum?

The body needs its own time to regain its internal hormonal activity, to gradually adjust. That is why we recommend waiting at least 6 months before stepping into a aesthetic clinic. Mum tum must be allowed to recover naturally. Yet, after childbirth, problems can reside. Those that weren’t solved by the body’s natural recovery path. Mum tum won’t go? In this case, a visit to the clinic is required to receive the best recommendations.

What helps with mum tum include:

  • Hydrating;
  • Healthy diet: eating small but frequent meals and increasing protein intake;
  • Exercise. Specific mum tum exercises include crunches, planks, push-ups;
  • Having a good night sleep;
  • Skin care routine. Exfoliate and massage using post-partum approved products;
  • Dermato-cosmetic procedures. In addition to diet and exercise, thanks to the progress of body treatments, the newly became mother can hope to lose mum tum, and even getting back the figure she had prior to becoming pregnant.

What procedures speed up mum tum makeover?

Radiofrequency has proven to be very useful in treating these problems. Radiofrequency is a risk-free medical procedure that does not imply anesthesia or recovery period. The radiofrequency wave penetrates a few millimeters deep under the skin. It produces the contraction of collagen fibers. This stimulates the formation of new elastic fibers. This procedure is being performed on women who have recently given birth. Mum tum gains firmness starting with the first session.

The full result reveals at 6-12 months post treatment, and a reduction of stretch marks of up to 80% can be achieved. When the appearance of new stretch marks has stopped, treatment can begin. The sooner treated, the better the results. 

Cryolipolysis.  Non-invasive treatment that uses cryogeny to permanently melt the mum tum fat buildup. The effectiveness of this method is comparable to that of surgical liposuction. But without the associated discomfort. The results are amazing, eliminating up to 5 cm in circumference over 3 weeks. The applicator produces a vacuum that attracts adipose tissue inside it. Thus, reducing blood circulation and facilitating the cryogenic process. In the second phase the tissue is brought to the temperature of -8 ° C. Fat cells have a large number of fatty acids. This makes them very sensitive to cold. When frozen, fatty acids crystallize or “die”. Then they gradually disappear and the body eliminates them through urine. Try out our Fat Freezing treatment!

MICRODERMABRASION – helps you get rid of the unsightly mum tum stretch marks. The procedure gives results only on pink stretch marks. The microdermabrasion process involves removing the layer of dead cells from the surface. To stimulate cell and collagen regeneration. The major advantages are that the risks are minimal, and the recovery is fast. This is a method of superficial ablation of the epidermis that stimulates the blood flow. It increases collagen and elastin production, and promotes lymphatic activity.

Microneedling – significantly improves stretch marks and mum tum laxity. Through a continuously controlled vibrational movement, multiple micro-pricks are produced in the skin. This boosts the natural secretion of collagen and elastin fibers. The effectiveness is due to the ability of the skin to heal after a lesion. Skin replaces the injured tissue with new, healthy one. The effect of the procedure on mum tum occurs about 4 weeks after treatment.

Mesotherapy – will improve the appearance of mum tum stretch marks and will tone the skin. It is able to improve circulation as well. MESOTHERAPY is done by microinjecting a cocktail of substances. The specialist determines them according to the needs and situation of the patient. Mum tum “drinks” may be vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, hyaluronic acid, botanical extracts. Mesotherapy brings the solution to penetrate all these active ingredients into the skin. They take part in metabolic processes, so the effects are carried out from the inside out; 

Laser treatments. Mum tum reshaping can be performed using several laser techniques. Laser gives outstanding results in treating stretch marks. They can also diminish mum tum fat deposits. Laser acts by inducing skin distress that kick start a natural restoring process of the mum tum. These are also effective on scars, like the one from the C-section. The skin will even out, and will acquire a smooth appearance, without imperfections. 

Mum tum to flat tummy

mum showing her flat tummy

Although most of the post-pregnancy aesthetic annoyances pass by themselves, for the others it must be intervened in time. So that the mum tum turns flat, mothers must undergo all efforts. 

Mum tum can be frustrating for any woman but they do not have to deal with problems on their own.

Our specialists can make treatment recommendations or can give you valuable advice. Contact us, we have the best treatment course for your “Mum tum to flat tummy” goal!


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