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Are anti-wrinkle injections safe?

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Anti-wrinkle injections are the best way to keep fine lines away and delay the aging process. Anti-wrinkle injections are safe and very popular among women and men. The treatment uses substances that present no risk to your health. Also, these are almost painless. Please read the article below to understand better how they work and which treatment to choose.

What are anti-wrinkle injections?

Anti-aging shots are a non-surgical beauty treatment that shows immediate results. They use a protein treatment that will cause the muscles to relax. So, those fine lines from your forehead and crow’s feet will start fading. These expression wrinkles are caused by muscle contraction. In time, they become more pronounced, and such treatments will smooth your appearance.

How do anti-wrinkle injections work?

An MD performs anti-wrinkle injections. The procedure lasts 30 to 40 minutes. Once you are done, you can resume your activities for the day. After a consultation, our expert will help you get a treatment plan. The shots will be administrated in the areas you want to improve your skin appearance.

You will be able to see the results after two weeks. The effect will last for about 3 or 4 months, depending on the patient.

Do anti-wrinkle injections work?

The anti-aging shots procedure uses microneedles that release substances that cause muscle relaxation. If you wonder “what do anti-wrinkle injections do,” you must know that they are one of the best ways to tighten your skin.

woman getting anti wrinkle injections for fine lines in the corner of the eye
The injections are a great way to reduce crows feet lines

Anti-wrinkle injections before and after

The treatment shows great results even after a few days. Your skin will look tighten and smoother. Forehead lines and eye wrinkles will disappear and you will look years younger. Moreover, the treatment will boost your confidence and self-esteem.

When to get anti-wrinkle injections?

If you wonder at “what age should you get anti-wrinkle injections,” you must know that this treatment is approved for patients over 18 years old. You can make the treatment as prevention or do the shots when your lines start showing off. We recommend beginning the procedures when you are in your early 30s.

Are anti-wrinkle injections safe?

Yes, anti-wrinkle injections are safe. The procedures are approved by FDA and come with minimum side effects. Before getting the procedure, you must ensure an expert in the field completes the shots. The practitioner must have appropriate training and certifications. These attest to his ability and knowledge to perform such treatments.

Types of anti-wrinkle treatments

At Skinglow Clinic, we offer several types of anti-wrinkle injections. These aim to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Depending on where you experience these lines caused by aging, we can treat even three areas in one session. Also, these injections can solve problems such as excessive sweating. Therefore, we target armpits, hands, feet, under breasts areas, and the back of your knees.

The shots also help relax your maxillary and stop teeth and jaw grinding.

The anti-aging injections are used for lifting the neck area. The procedure tightens skin and makes it look smoother.

Even if you are getting the injections for the first time, or you are already a fan of the procedures, our qualified and trained MD will walk you through the whole process. Also, he will give you personalized recommendations on how to take care of your skin at home better. He will guide you on how to delay the appearance of premature fine lines.

Anti-wrinkle injections and pregnancy

Anti-aging shots and breastfeeding do NOT work hand in hand. Also, you must take a break from the treatment if you are pregnant.

Anti-wrinkle injections aftercare

The MD will recommend a few things to avoid after getting anti-aging injections. First of all, you must stay out of the sun. Also, it would help if you avoided intense physical exercises. So, if you work out every day, you must skin your routine for at least two days.

Sauna is also on the “not allowed” list when you have this procedure. If you respect these simple guidelines, you will have a great experience with the shots.

Do anti-wrinkle injections hurt?

The anti-aging treatment consists in introducing different substances to the affected areas. The MD will be using very tiny needles. You will feel a pinch when the needle penetrates your skin. But, because the needles are extremely thin, you won’t find this procedure painful. The treatment is non-surgical. But if you feel uncomfortable with needles, you might feel a small discomfort.

women with eyes closed get an injection in the forehead for wrinkles
The procedure is almost painless

Can anti-wrinkle injections go wrong?

When we’re talking about these shots, the risks are minimal. Before doing the treatment, make sure you are not allergic to any substances found in the serum. The side effects might include redness, swelling, or small bleeding.

Also, to reduce the risks of getting a bad experience, make sure the place you’re visiting has good reviews. Also, check if the procedure is made by medical staff.

Anti-wrinkle injections benefits

Anti-aging shots come with so many benefits. First of all, they are a non-surgical procedure. The specialist uses a tiny needle that makes the treatment less painful. Also, you can get the procedure in no time, because it only lasts 30-40 minutes. If you want, you can do it in the middle of the week, during your lunch break. After the treatment, you can resume your activities immediately. You will get a natural look, rejuvenated, and tightened skin. Also, one of the greatest benefits is that you can see very fast results.

Anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers

First, you need to know that anti-aging shots and dermal fillers are two different things. The first treatment it’s the ideal way to prevent getting fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes and on your forehead. Dermal fillers are used for sallow areas on your face. They rejuvenate skin and plump cheeks or lips.

Anti-wrinkle injections in London

You don’t know where to get anti-wrinkle injections? Skinglow Clinic is one of the best places in London where you can have the treatment. We offer personalized procedures to our patients. We have an experience of over 20 years in the aesthetic field. Skinglow Clinic has great specialists that will help you get the treatment you need. Whether we’re talking about this type of injection, or other facial or body treatments, Skinglow Clinic is the place to be.

We use premium substances for our procedures. We help you achieve symmetry, fewer wrinkles, and a great overall aspect. We offer you a great series of treatments, depending on your needs. After the consultation, our MD will recommend you the best anti-aging treatment. If you want to book an appointment, visit us at 216 Kensington Park Rd, Notting Hill, London, or give us a call, or check the catalog below.


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